"Out beyond ideas of right-doing and wrong-doing, there is a Field. I'll meet you there."

luni, 2 iunie 2008

...and I thought "meditate on this, I will" (like Yoda in SW)

"We are so hypnotized by our environment through the media, through television, through people living and creating ideals that everybody struggles to become... that no one can actually become in terms of physical appearance and definitions of beauty and valor.

That are all illusions that most people surrender and live their life in mediocracy.

And they may live that life and the soul may never really rise to the surface so they may want to be something else.

But if it does rise to the surface and they ask themselves if there is something more or "why am i here?", or "what is the purpose of life?", "where am i going?", "what happens when i die?"...and they start to ask those questions, they start to flirt and interact with the perception that they may be having a nervous breakdown.

In reality, what they're really doing is that their old concepts of how they viewed their life and the world start to fall apart...

That's why very few people make this journey, because it's deeply unsettling.

All of the models that we have lived by have to be broken and sometimes there's an awkward period between the comfort that we knew before and the real state of comfort when we are the lord of our being which follows that interval of chaos.

Most people, when they get into the chaos, give up hope and go back to the old, false securities. They get to live a reasonable life and they get to die in some sort of peace

...but they haven't advanced spiritually at all in that experiment that we call a life"

Text: "What the bleep do we know"

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vad ca va place ratusca rasturnata :) cred ca are ambitia sa devina scafandru. a auzit ca daca poti sa-ti tii respiratia sub apa 5 min te primesc in echipa de scufundari...si acum se antreneaza. :)
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