"Out beyond ideas of right-doing and wrong-doing, there is a Field. I'll meet you there."

miercuri, 30 mai 2012

Small chat

That's an interesting point...
Hmm... I found something on my chin. Dunno how it got there.
Oh, you were saying...?


En garde!

marți, 22 mai 2012

Pwetty colors

Crocodile rock

Nice song... Laaaa, la, la, la, la, la

miercuri, 16 mai 2012

I wonder what he's thinking...

Not the planet of the apes

They bring in their eyes pieces of a world I cannot touch

luni, 14 mai 2012

(Sniff, sniff...) Heeey, I remember you... you photographed me last year!
Yep... That's me, a little under the weather, though.

Marble eyes


duminică, 13 mai 2012

Street fight

Nom nom nom...
Hey, you two...stop that! I'm calling for help!
Allan, Allan...Allan!
I'm Steve...
May the Force be with you!

sâmbătă, 12 mai 2012

Excusssse me lady, may I resssst on your arm?

So kisssss me...

Hahaha... That's a good one!

What? I'm just doing my manicure...

marți, 8 mai 2012

That unspeakable feeling

luni, 7 mai 2012

Let there be no Frederick Clegg

sâmbătă, 5 mai 2012

Wrap yourself in silence

 Good night, beautiful beings...

Become that smokeless flame

Great A'Tuin

joi, 3 mai 2012

Aceeasi taina

I had a dream once...

Plaiuri Dobrogene

Hey... where did you go? (Where did she go, dear? I can't see a thing!) Hey...What are you doing? (What is she doing?! Is she close? I think I heard something clicking like... like two turtles bumping into each other in the spring) Hey... where are you? (where in the world is she, guide me dear) Hey... See these horns? I'm not afraid of using them, ya know? (Is she looking at my horns, dear? How do I look? Do I look ferocious?)

Just...ignore him.

Mac alb

A nice little green fella doing his prana yoga exercice